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32bit Fax

Send/Receive fax from Single computer or Network; for Windows, and will work standalone
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3 December 2010

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32Bit Fax is a program that gives a world of facilities to the fax user. The program enables it`s users to reach out to all the other fax machines throughout the globe. One can also add the convenient "Fax Bar" to all the other programs. 32 Bit Fax also ensures the reception of fax from a network as well as a single PC. The program is designed to flawlessly integrate the faxing mechanism with the Windows system. The added benefits include a fax book (for storing frequently faxed individuals as well as groups), it enables you to fax groups as a whole as well as to single individuals, etc.

Thus, this software program for faxing has an ever growing loyal customer base because of its dependability. Also, being very easily operable, the 32 Bit Fax program is equally popular with occasional users of the faxing system as it is with professional users of fax.

Publisher's description

Send and Receive fax from Single computer or Network. Adds a [Print to fax driver] to your all programs giving you access to all the fax machines in the world making them become your printers. Supports Windows. Seamlessly integrates faxing into your Windows environment. You can send faxes to individuals or groups. 32bit Fax also includes a FaxBook that stores frequently used group and individual profiles. ElectraSoft writes software for many purposes including faxing. We offer free software trials on our software downloads. ElectraSoft is one of the largest Fax Software Suppliers. Fax Solutions: ElectraSoft shareware programs are very popular with people that want to send occasional faxes and with people that do mass fax broadcasting. It works with Microsoft Windows. Just put some fax numbers in the FaxBook and let the fax modem drivers do the rest. FaxMail can be run as an NT fax service and can be used as an NT fax server too.
32bit Fax
32bit Fax
Version 10.12
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